Thursday, May 7, 2009


Fergus Byrne

Standing up For Jobs in


Unemployment is 388,000

Up by over 188,000 in one year.

Predicted to go over half a million

So, what is the government doing?

What are their policies to protect jobs?

What are their policies to create jobs?

What are the policies to retrain people?

In the past ten years the government had the chance to build a better Ireland for all of us. We could have built a proper health system, new schools, communities with real facilities and a country that was ready for the economic downturn that would inevitably come.

But what did Fianna Fáil do?

They listened to the greed of the bankers,property developers and the get rich quick brigade.

At the last election Sinn Féin warned of the dangers of the creation of the property bubble. We pointed out the growing gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. And most of all we said there was a complete failure to run the economy in the long term interests of the Irish people.

Sinn Féin was right on these matters and Sinn Féin knows what is needed now. Unemployment MUST be at the very centre of government policy. We need to get Ireland back to work.

'Getting Ireland back to work

Time for Action'

Sinn Féin's key Employment Proposals

Let's build the schools and infrastructure that we need now!!! Create 1,000's of jobs by the fast tracking of the much needed school building programme, expansion of the national home insulation programme, broadband rollout etc. This work needs to be done - So let's do it now!

Help businesses keep people working! Follow the German example of establishing a job retention fund to subsidise workers in viable small and medium businesses. This fund will be time limited and used to help keep people working and training. Remember it costs over €20,000 to keep a person on the dole, so let's spend the money to keep people working?

Fast track business start-ups! We are bailing out the banks, so let's demand they work closely with our current job creation agencies. One-stop enterprise business points should be set up that would bring together funding, expertise and advice for entrepreneurs who want to start
new businesses and create jobs.

Develop our green energy and alternative technologies - We have thewind, we have the waves, so let's set up an agency whose aim is to have Ireland lead the way in green energy. These are the jobs of the future, let's go and get them!

Retrain people in the skills we need. FÁS, the VECs and third level institutions have a combined budget of almost €4billion. They need to have a joined up approach to ensure that we are training people for sectors that will provide jobs in the coming decade.

These and over 70 other proposals are contained in the Sinn Féin document'Getting Ireland back to work - Time for Action'

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