Friday, June 5, 2009

Get out and vote - Remember how many people around the world would like to have that opportunity.

Well, it's June 5th 2009 and it is the day when the people have the chance to really alter the direction our country is going.

Many people are angry at the state of affairs this country is in at the moment and the terrible legacy that Fianna Fáil misrule has left us with. However, regardless of how bad the situation here is I would also like to point out how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have the right to vote for our leaders. 20 years ago the people of China demanded that right and they were shot down in the streets. In 1956 the people of Hungry rose up and demanded free elections and they were crushed by the soviet army. In 1968 the people of Prague demanded democracy and they suffered the same fate.

All over the world people fight for and die because they believe in democracy and they demand the right to vote in free and fair elections and we should look at our country's own history and support these people.

Clearly, the country we live in is far from perfect and our past governments have left us in a situation where many serious issues have never been fully addressed. In 2009 we need to deal with mass unemployment, an unfair tax system, social inequality, small numbers of working class children getting into third level education, a divided country, poor school buildings, lack of community facilities, cuts in welfare benefits etc.

We in Sinn Féin believe that we can tackle these problems and create a better, fairer Ireland if we the people decide that we want to. We do not have to put up with the current state of affairs and we can change our country for the better. What we need are parties in local and national government who believe in a better Ireland and who are dedicated to principles of justice and equality.

Today is the day when we have the RIGHT TO VOTE. So I would encourage anybody who reads this article to go out and vote, even for parties other than Sinn Fein. Use your vote to change the direction this country is going, and perhaps more importantly use your vote to ensure that we demonstrate the we have vibrant democracy that other people around the world can aspire to.

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