Saturday, January 30, 2010

FAS - Enough of this nonsense. This government must get FAS tackling the jobs crisis

“Plan on internal control at FÁS effectively gave a two-fingered salute to taxpayers" – Byrne SF

 "The Report published today has shown conclusively that the blatant disregard for the plan of internal control at FÁS effectively gave a two-fingered salute to taxpayers in respect of best value for money and the training services provided.

"Following on from the other two reports in the Comptroller and Auditor General’s series on FÁS, today’s report should be the nail in the coffin for corrupt and crony practises that only served to benefit the Directors, the Ministers and senior civil servants.

"The new Board at FÁS have inherited the worst unemployment pandemic this country has ever seen and they cannot afford to be complacent. The actions of their predecessors have left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths and this report magnifies the extent to which FÁS has been corrupted.

"The fact that certification could not be carried out competently by the State’s training and employment authority is an indictment on the former Board of FÁS and the Minister, and reinforces the responsibility of the Board to carry out their functions diligently.

"At a time when there are 426,700 people on the Live Register, when FÁS is needed most, the agency cannot be consumed by anymore scandals. The Minister needs to be proactive rather than reactive and should be in constant dialogue with both the Board of FÁS and indeed the workforce."

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