Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rush - Kenure lap - you must be joking!

Here is a copy of the e-mail sent by Fergus Byrne to all councillors in Fingal County Council concerning the Rush - Kenure LAP.

Dear Councillors,

My name is Fergus Byrne and I am the Sinn Féin candidate for Balbriggan in the upcoming local elections and I am writing to you in connection with the upcoming Fingal County Council vote on the Kenure Local Area Plan.

During my local canvassing for the elections, and my attendance at a Public meeting hosted by the Rush Development Committee, it has been made very clear to me that the people of Rush oppose the proposals outlined in the Kenure LAP. It is clearly the case that the infrastructure is not in place at this time to allow the proposal for 1,000 extra housing units to go ahead. I strongly feel that before any such LAP is approved the existing issues of roads, amenities, sewage etc must be addressed.

I wish to congratulate the people of Rush in sending over 180 objections to this proposal and I call on all councillors to respect the wishes of the local residents. Below is the final paragraph of the submission from the Rush Development Committee regarding the Kenure LAP. In light of the opposition of the Rush Development Committee, the number of objections and the seriousness of the infrastructural problems in Rush, I would ask all councillors to reject the Kenure LAP in its entirety and insist that Fingal Council reviews these plans and undertakes full and meaningful consultation with the people of Rush.

Finally we wish to put on record our complete disgust at the lack of consultation between Fingal County Council and Rush Development Committee when this Draft Local Area Plan was being drawn up. We made a submission to the Council in advance of this draft LAP and requested ongoing consultation throughout the process. As with many other things sought by this Committee, this did not happen. (Extract from Letter sent by Rush Development Council opposing the Kenure LAP)


Fergus Byrne

Click the link below to see Fergus Byrne giving his reasons for opposing the Kenure LAP


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