Monday, April 13, 2009


Loss of SR Technics jobs a devastating blow to North Dublin - Byrne

Responding to the news that over 1,100 more jobs are to go at the SR Technics Plant at Dublin Airport, Fergus Byrne, Sinn Féin candidate for the Balbriggan Ward said the news will be a major blow to North Dublin where many of the workers affected come from.

Mr Byrne called on the government to develop a job creation and retention policy to benefit low and middle income families and to rebuild the Irish economy.
Byrne said:
"Today's news will come as a devastating blow to North Dublin where many of the workers affected come from. The most deplorable aspect of this situation is that the job losses at SR Technics, formerly known as team Aer Lingus, were highly predictable. Sinn Féin predicted that this would be a natural development emanating from the privatisation of Aer Lingus and, unfortunately, we have been proved correct.

"It was clear that an economic downturn would hit the aviation industry hard and if the Irish Government had had the competence and foresight to frame a job creation and retention policy at the beginning of its term these jobs could have either been saved, or at the very least these workers would have prospects of redeployment.

"The Government's lack of policy to create sustainable jobs in this country has now committed a further 1,135 people to unemployment. With unemployment levels standing at 9.2% and with the dole queues getting longer by the day the need for a coherent job creation strategy has never been more apparent.

"This government has steered the country straight into recession over the past ten years with their doomed economic policies. It seems as though the only job retention policy held by the government concerns the banking executives; its time for the government to face up and deal with the real issues of concern for ordinary people."

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